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            創譯翻譯的一貫宗旨是“質優價廉,交稿及時,專業細致,客戶滿意”,憑借高素質的翻譯團隊、高水準的業務流程以及嚴格的質控系統,在許多國內外企業中贏得良好口碑。創譯翻譯建立了一套基于互聯網的完善系統,同時在全國多個主要城市建立了自己的翻譯網絡和合作伙伴。依托信息化的手段,我們的翻譯、 譯審和管理人員以及客戶等可以在網上協同辦公,隨時傳遞翻譯文稿、控制進度和翻譯質量,確保翻譯服務的“專業、及時、準確、高效”。




            Foshan IntrePro Translation Co., Ltd, a legal corporation certified by Industrial and Commercial Bureau, is a professional translation company which dedicates to providing translation services between Chinese and other 72 languages including English, Japanese, French, Korean and etc.

            The scope of our translation services covers a wide range of fields such as business contracts, architectural engineering,mechanic engineering,medical devices, energy & power, environmental engineering, legal cases and government projects in the form of written translation, oral interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, website localization, video translation, dubbing, translation for special seal and translation for conferences.

            We possess a team of foreign linguistic specialists ensuring every translation meets the standard and fulfills the principle of “accurate, authentic and high-quality”.

            Our objectives have always been “high quality at favorable prices, punctuality, professional and meticulous translation and 100% customer satisfaction”.

            With a team of professional interpreters and translators, and through maintaining the high standard of our services and strictly ensuring the quality of our translation, we have won a good reputation among many international and domestic companies and corporations.

            We have built a well-established system based on the Internet and at the same time, we have built our translation network and business partnerships in many major cities in China. With the help of information technology, our translators, editors, managers and clients can communicate and transfer documents to each other online to check the progress and quality of the translation, ensuring the translation service to be “professional, punctual, accurate and efficient.”

            Our special seal is valid for entry-exit certificates, credentials, ID cards, notarizations and legal documents.

            Foshan Interpro Translation Co., Ltd. is certified and recognized by the authority.

            If you are looking for professional and high-quality translation services, without any doubt, we are your best choice!


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